Big Sky Adventure | Day Three

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” -Maya Angelou  

Personalities start to emerge. Laughter carries the conversation as old school Smash Mouth radiates through the travel speakers. Dancing. Sunshine. Conversation. I subtly sit in the backdrop taking it all in, falling in love with the family forming right before my eyes.

The days are rapidly disappearing too soon; time is fleeting. But to say we are loving our present life would be an understatement. We are indulging in all the good company and opportunities provided for us this week. Good things, good things. 

Big Sky Adventure | Day One

A new year, a new season, a new crew filled with unfamiliar, new faces. A gathering of beautiful, unique individuals with their own story to share–the adventure has commenced. 

This is my forth year volunteering with Big Sky Kids, an oncology camp based in Big Sky, Montana through the non-profit Eagle Mount. In that time I’ve developed undeniable connections, been humbled by the vulnerability of families undergoing so much heartache, and have developed a new gratitude for my loved ones health, as well as my own. 

Life is so fragile, but I think that’s what makes it beautiful, too. It’s incredible the genuine appreciation you gain when life throws you curveballs. Your routine is thrown off, and the veil of everything that’s been hiding just below the surface is stripped away–that’s when you really discover who you love, and what’s most important to you. 

That’s what keeps bringing me back. And every year I grow more anxious to hear more stories. I crave to know how their lives have been re-shaped by a less than idea circumstance, but have grown deeper in love and compassion and understanding in the need for human existence, and for one another. 

It’s going to be a good journey, for all of us.

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