Big Sky Adventure | Day Nine

The other night we were all gathered around the campfire. A few brave souls volunteered to share their own personal battle and journey with cancer. Noah, an Osteosarcoma survivor who lost his left leg after his diagnosis, said something so simple, yet to wise. “At the end of the day you have the choice to let it make you bitter, or better,” he casually slips in between vocalizing his pre and post amputation.

These pure words resonate within me–sometimes it takes someone to say something so simplistic for it to ring true. 

Noah is just one of the many astonishing kids here that have made the conscious choice to do just that– to be better. And this spirit is contagious. It sets the tone of camp, which makes camper’s experience here in Montana so fulfilling, so genuine, so healing.

I witness it every year. A community of individuals that truly understand all the fear, all the unfairness, all the burdens that inevitably come along with any cancer exposure. But they learn to lean on one another to grow and heal and come out on the other side stronger. There’s really nothing like it, and only so much I can capture in an image or convey in words. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to play a small role in helping everyone relive the beauty of this camp when they’re resting in their own beds at night. 

There is a tree is Montana growing for each and every one of you.

Big Sky Adventure | Day Seven

Me: “What’s your mom like, Eddie?” 

Eddie: “She runs the show. She’s the tough one. My dad is the teddy bear, a big softie.” 

 Me: “So are you more like your mom or your dad?” 

 Eddie: “I’m the best of both worlds.”

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