The ocean carries a conversation with the sky

Truth be told it’s filled with the purest of lies

Instilled inside me, the fear of the unknown

Obvious beauty surrounds me, but I’m overly aware I’m alone. 

My identity rests within the landscape

My soul along the sea

Within me I carry the power to choose

What sets me free, and who I want to be 

Every season has it’s purpose

But the sun still rises all year

In the winter the days grow shorter

As the darkness grows, so does your fear

Don’t lose yourself trying to find yourself

Present it where you belong

Time will carry your story

You are who you were all along

In my solitude I surrender

For my destiny is not my own

My freedom I value deeply

But lack control alongside the unknown

My heart is like a kaleidoscope 

Perhaps today I’m a shade of blue

But a thousand colors I may carry

Who I am is who you knew

A foreigner I stand–wounded and far from home

Longing for a companion, but also to be alone

Can’t have both worlds, can’t have all the glory

But it’s my life, my adventure, my tale, my story. 

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